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Rasta Cruz!

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I originally released this mix May 13, 2010. One’s who gave it the biggest props at that time later claimed they ‘didn’t know I played that way,’ after alleging offence after hearing some of these remixes played in the club. Way back while I was studying art in collage I once argued against a lecture hall of artists that the concept of ‘beauty’ or ‘what is beautiful’ can only exist if you are a bigot, or within bigoted societies. I believe art is a success if it makes one think differently, or changes one’s perspective, or even puts the viewer ‘on the fence’ about how they might feel about something. I believe that humans should be able to speak their mind in any form, even if it’s ‘ugly.’ I do not personally agree with some of the lyrics in this mix, but I defend to the death their right as artists and as humans to say what they want. Please listen BEYOND that when listening to this mix: listen to the MIX, and FIRE BURN ANY WANNA BE ARTISTS THAT THINK CENSORSHIP IS OK.

This is NOT my regular ‘selector style’ mix: I wouldn’t call it reggae, hip hop, or dancehall. It is a REMIXED fusion of these, and contains lyrics that might offend those who chose to be offended. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS MIX IF YOU ARE A WEAKHEART. As my friend Eddy Fitzroy would say, “It’s just music.”

01 Intro
02 Dennis Brown - Fussin & Fightin (Remix)
03 Bushman - Fire Bun A Weakheart (Remix)
04 Ciara - Oh (Remix)
05 Bounty Killer & Vybes Kartel - Murderer Bwoy Dead (Remix)
06 Abmiral Bailey - Gimmi Punanny (Remix)
07 Shabba Ranks - Love Punanny Bad (Remix)
08 Collie Budz, Richie Spice & Marlon Asher - Ganja Remix
09 Bogle & Sizzla - All Dem Ah Wonder (Remix)
10 Movado - Dreamin (Remix)
11 Pinchers - Bandelero (Remix)
12 Super Cat - Boops Deh (Remix)
13 Temptations - My Girl (Remix)
14 Terror Fabulous - Gangster's Anthem (Remix)
15 Bob Marley - Iron Lion Zion (Remix)
16 Bounty Killer - Down In The Ghetto (Remix)
17 Bounty Killer - Lodge (Remix)
18 Bounty killer - Roots Reality and Culture (Remix)
19 Bounty Killer & Akon - Down In The Ghetto (Remix)
20 Sizzla - Be Strong (Remix)
21 Baby Cham - Groundsman (Remix)
22 Mike Jones - Back Then (Remix)
23 Bob Marley - I Shot the Sheriff (Remix)
24 Capleton - Cold Blooded Murderer (Remix)
25 Deva Bratt & Bascom X - Hustler Remix
26 '5-The-Hard-Way' - Batty Bwoy Dead Medley (OB1 Remix)
27 Assassin - Can't Beg Fi Dem (Remix)
28 Capleton - Look Good Chart (Remix)
29 Beres Hammond - Falling In Love All Over Again (Remix)
30 Beres Hammond & Cuty Ranks - Tempted To Touch (Remix)
31 Bounty Killer - Smoke The Herb (Remix)
32 Baby Cham - Wha Dem Feel Like (Remix)
33 Bounty Killer - Can't Belive Mi Eyez (Remix)
34 Bounty Killer - Tempt We (Remix)
35 Beenie Man - Silent Violence (Remix)
36 Vybez Kartel - Buddy Is Here (Remix)
37 TOK - I Just Wanna Know (Remix)
38 I Wayne - Satisfy Her (Remix)
39 Wayne Wonder - Keep Dem Coming (Remix)
40 Wayne Wonder - Enemies (Remix)
41 TOK - Eagles Cry (Remix)
42 Lady Saw - No Long Talking (Remix)
43 Mad Cobra - Flex (Remix)
44 Spragga Benz - A1 Lover (Remix)
45 Shelly Thunder - Kuff (Remix)
46 Courtney Melody - Modern Girl (Remix)
47 Scare Dem Crew - Pure Gal (Remix)
48 Capleton - No Lotion Man (Remix)
49 TOK - Chi Chi Man (Remix)
50 Bounty Killer - Benz & Bimma (Remix)
51 Beyonce & Jay Z - Crazy In Love (Remix)
52 Wayne Wonder - No Letting Go (Remix)
53 Elephant Man - Bring Yuh Pussy (Remix)
54 50 Cent & Wayne Marshall - Hot In the Club (Remix)
55 Tony Curtis - Faith (Remix)
56 Frisco Kid - Little & Cute (Remix)
57 Beenie Man - Blackboard (Remix)
58 Bounty Killer - MEGAMIX SIX
59 Bounty Killer - It's OK (Remix)
60 Wayne Wonder - Set you Free (Remix)
61 Capleton - Small World (Remix)
62 Mase - Feel So Good
63 Tanya Stephens - Goggle (Remix)
64 Elephant, Alozade, Missy, Buju, Wayne - MEGAMIX
65 Danny English & Egg Nog - Meet Me At The Party (Remix)
66 Elephant Man - Elephant Message (Remix)
67 What Police Can Do (Remix)
68 Bounty Killer - I'm A Killer (Remix)
69 Vegas - Hot Fuck (Remix)
70 Sizzla - Be Strong (Remix)
71 Admiral Bailey - Jump Up (Remix)
72 Captain Barkey - Go Go Wine (Remix)
73 Beenie Man - Come Again (Remix)
74 Musical Youth - Pass The Dutchie (Remix)
75 Wayne Wonder - Searching (Remix)
76 Shaggy & Rayvon - Bashment Party (Remix)
77 Tanya Stephens - Nah Ready Fi Dis (Remix)
78 Beenie Man - Wicked Slam (Remix)
79 Merciless - Dem Gizzada (Remix)
80 Kelly Clarkson, Jah Mason, Twin of Twins - Vagina Gone Remix

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